Why I Decided To Blog, and Why Who I Am Doesn’t Matter

Many people start blogging for a couple reasons. They love to write. They want to become a famous influencer. Or they want to make money in a side hustle. You know any other reason? Leave them in the comments below. But for the most part, those are the main motivators that I observed.

I started for the former and the latter. I love to write and I want to make money in a side hustle. Fame though? That’s the farthest thing from my mind. In a world of social interconnectedness and digital clout, it sure is tempting, but I feel like its smoke and mirrors, appearance over substance.

In short…not worth it.

What was that Andy Warhol said about everyone getting their fifteen minutes of fame? I don’t want that. No. Nada. Sounds horrible.

I’d rather write meaningful content that is authentic to me and hope to reach someone with that content. If not? Fine by me. But fame in the pursuit of pleasing others is the farthest from my mind.

It should be far from you too. I’ll let you know why later down this post.

That’s why I don’t want to be known. Known yet at least, or until I get a million/billion dollar book deal. Optimistic right? And really, the most important thing is not me.

It’s the ideas. The article. The content. Good, old fashioned and reliable content.

No one wants to hear a million stories about how awesome someone’s life is. After a while, you’re like, “Dude, look, we get it. Your life is sick. But what about me?” And that’s a good question. What about you?

Chances are you’re not here on this blog to hear about my YouTube and fast food binges. Chances are, you’re here because you hope to gain something for yourself. Maybe it’s a tidbit of wisdom, maybe it’s an experience you can learn from, probably it’s advice related to the tech field (hence the blog name/username). If anything, you want to grow, and I applaud you for that! The world is getting screwed over by people in power who don’t know anything. My hope is to be able to provide you with the tips and skills that you can hopefully use to better your life.

Everyone should aim to be better than who they were yesterday. We as humans gain the greatest pleasure when we improve ourselves. And I want to help you get there, no strings attached. ‘Love thy neighbor’ as Christ said. We all get better when we help each other out.

So like I mentioned earlier, put people-pleasing far from your mind. And when I mean far, I mean take an eight-hour drive down a highway, leave your car on the side of the road, and then walk back home far.

Focus on yourself, read my blogs and see how it can apply to your life and your experiences. But remember, this is the stuff that I learned from my life, and everyone is always on different paths in the road to success.

That’s why who I am doesn’t matter. It’s trying to figure out how my blogs can help everyone else…that’s the true importance of it.

Happy reading!

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