Why Working From Home Has Made Me Work More

“During these unprecedented times…”

Yeah. We know it’s unprecedented. We’re literally in the middle of a pandemic, working from our beds and going without showering for days on end.

No? Just me?

Anyway, what I’m saying is that now more than ever it’s unusual to have such a large amount of the workforce across the world become remote.

That’s one thing that came out of this for those fortunate enough to still have jobs, is that remote working will most likely become normalized in the coming years and we will never have to go back into the office. I for one think it was bound to happen eventually and the pandemic just sped it along.

And you know what? I’m about it. I hate having a long ass commute to and from work, I hate waking up early to get dressed to go into the office, and I HATE the fact that you have to be there in person to literally do a job, on a computer, that you can do more efficiently from home. There is literally no single reason for me to go into the office if I’m coding away and having virtual meetings with my team across the globe, other than the fact that I’m sitting there breathing in the good old company air. Got to justify that commercial property somehow right?

Screw you, HR. I do less work when I’m in the office. When my 9-5 is done, I’m out.

Which brings me to the topic of discussion…why am I working more from home now? Literally the other day I logged 11 hours and I’m not alone. My friends who I talked to have said the same thing. They work more when they work from home. What gives?

I think there’s that fear that you wouldn’t be perceived as hard working, but I also think that take away the commute, the stress of annoying coworkers who always want to talk, and pointless in person meetings, you get a productive human being who is focused on the job at hand and wants to keep busy. Who would have known? Just the fact that we have the computer on hand, my friend put it bluntly, is that: “I might as well do it since I can right now”. And that’s a mood. It also helps when someone isn’t breathing down your neck every ten seconds.

Nowadays, people aren’t stressing about the drive home. They don’t care about counting the clock so that they can get the heck away from the cubicles. They don’t have to be strict about their time since remote working allows flexibility…put it all in and it would make sense that people are clocking in more hours.

It sucks, but that’s just how it is for me now. I work more now and even work through lunch, I work more than when I would literally talk about memes with my co-workers at the office and take hour long lunch breaks. It’s ridiculous. Just the fact that I can focus on my job without the bureaucracy and I have to focus has undoubtedly made me focus more. What an entendre. I don’t even know what that word means and I’m too lazy to look it up. It just sounded right.

But that’s the price I’m willing to pay to be able to work from home. If I can give up my commute, actually get work done rather than play politics, and not have to wear pants that chafe my balls every day just so I can look good rather than be good, than I’ll happily work a little over what I have to do.

And if HR makes me go back in because we’re more efficient that way…then you bet I’m going to take hour long lunch breaks and leave right on time.

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